Chairman’s Letter

Dear students,

The TAU Student Union is in a continuous process of renewal – I am happy to tell you about the variety of initiatives and new services that we created in order for us to continue being the best student union in Israel.

This year we initiated the “Student City – Broshim Dormitories” project. Currently, the project can be populated by as much as 300 students, and will support 1,200 more, further on in the future. This will help us provide attainable, comfortable and low-price accommodations.

In addition, the Student Union and the university's entrepreneurship center, "StarTau", has become an independent association that will accompany hundreds of students that have inventive ideas and the drive for creation, who are willing to develop in this field, with our variety of programs and courses.

Also, for the first time in Israel, the Student Union has reached a pension agreement especially for TAU students, not based on their work place, with the "Menora Mivtachim" company. This agreement provides TAU students with exclusive and attractive programs, so that you can start saving money and be aware of this subject starting now.

In "XTRAstudent", the union's course center, we decided to put this year's focus on finding employment options for students by building a variety of internships in cooperation with a number of private and public companies, in order to help you find your career path while you're still in school.

These new services are only a new addition to our numerous previous successful services – aid and enrichment courses by the "XTRAstudent" service, cultural events, volunteering days, regulating the cafeteria prices, public transportation discounts, academic assistance, operating the student dorms and many more services that will be described in this bulletin. I hope and believe these services will help thousands of students this year, as much as they have helped before.

In addition to these services, one of the union's obligations is to be updated on events outside campus, as a part of a larger goal to create a better, more equal society. We try to achieve this goal by having social-involvement scholarships, a wide range of volunteer work circles ("Jesta", "Miluimz", "Buddies", "Partners" and more) and by being a major part of the struggle to change the Israeli society (for example, the great amount of work we invested in preserving the public high-education system in Israel, and the part we took in leading the public pressure to create the “the equality in the burden” draft, concerning the IDF recruitment regulations).

For conclusion, and in a personal note, I promise that during my term as head of the Student Union I will do my best to act the best way possible for us, the students. I also recommend you do not spend all your time in classrooms – take this opportunity to influence and make a change – join us in whatever field you like:הצטרפות לפעילות-האגודה

On behalf of the Student Union, I wish you a successful school year.

Always here for you,

Gilad Arditi