Does membership in the Student Union cost money?

NO! Each and every student can be a member of the Student Union. If you haven’t specified your wish to join the union on your university application forms, you can always drop by one of our service centers and sign up.


So what am I paying for?

In your tuition fee application form there is a section called “welfare payment”. It is paid along with the tuition, but unlike it – it is not obligatory!

Even so, we highly recommend you do pay it. It gives you a personal accident insurance (without it you are not insured). In addition, it provides you with benefits and services, such as legal and financial counseling, free readings, parking discount, free Advocacy in the university’s disciplinary court and the opportunity to receive a scholarship from the Student Union.


Student ID

The body in charge of student IDs is the Welfare Department under the Dean of Students. If you have yet to receive your student ID, you should contact them as soon as possible. For your convenience, it is possible to send a picture for the student ID through E-mail: send a scanned JPG format picture, size 30k and up, in a 72dpi resolution and up. Save the picture under the name of your ID number (9 figures), and then send it to this address: syscard.tau.photo@gmail.com

Notice: If you lost your student ID, you can order a new one through the university’s website, in “MyTau” under “Personal Information”.


The University’s Computer System and Net Surfing –


How do I change my personal code in the university’s computer system?

In order to ratify your personal code you need your ID number, your personal code (4 figures – appears in your application forms) and your birth date. After you fill in all the details in this address – www.tau.ac.il/newuser – you need to read the statement of use and approve it. After the personal code is confirmed, you may change your initial password (the instructions will appear in the website itself).


How do I login to the university’s wireless network?

  1. Public Tau: the key to this network is: publictau (in non-capital letters). After logging in, you need to identify, using the username and password you received from the university.
  2. Free-Tau: this network provides you with basic surfing and e-mail services. The key to this network is: free-tau (in non-capital letters).


If you are facing any kind of problem concerning the computers department, you can contact them using the details in the “Important Contacts” chart.


Where is the Administration and Registration Department located, and what are it’s reception hours?

The Student Registration and Reception offices are located in the Weiner building (ground floor), near the central library and the Mexico building. The tuition offices and student secretariat are located in the Registration Center in Klatzkin St. no. 25, in front of gate number 11 (Medicine faculty).


  • Reception hours for undergraduate and graduate students: 

Sun, Mon,Wed, Thu – 09:00-12:00 , Tue – 08:00-16:00

03-6405550           im@tau.ac.il

  • Reception hours for foreign diploma holders and new immigrants:

Sun, Tue, Wed – 10:00-12:00