Our Message

The Student Union – We’re here for you!

The Student Union of Tel-Aviv University is a registered association and nonprofit organization, incorporating the students at Tel Aviv University. The Union, founded in 1983, is also a member of the National Union of Israeli Students (NUIS). Starting from 1.3.2011, The Students Union holds a certificate for proper management from The Israeli Corporations Authority.

The Student Union’s goal is to work for the welfare of TAU students, while preserving their social, economic, and public interests; maintain their academic status on and off campus; represent the student body in front of any authority, institution, body or person; try to achieve full equality for all students, including the existence and preservation of freedom of expression and assembly on campus. The Student Union offers its members a variety of activities and services. Joining the union is free of charge!

One of TAU’s Student Union’s fundamental principles is social activism and student involvement in the Israeli society. Every student that’s interested in acting on a social or public issue is welcome to turn to us and receive any kind of help we can offer to promote his or her idea.


The Union’s structure:

There are many ways to reach us!

  • The union’s offices are located in the Student-Center in Mitchell building.
  • The Student Union’s website: www.student.co.il   
  • via Phone:   03-6407666/2
  • OR simply log on Facebook and hit us a messege! www.facebook.com/tastudents