Services available to students with paid memberships:

– Insurance for personal accidents occuring anywhere, including off campus and with no proof of blame required
– Scholarships from the Student Union in exchange for community involvement
– Applications for places in the dorms
– Discounts for membership or one-time entrance to the Sports Center
– Free scanning of exam textbooks (instead of 5 per scan – available throughout the academic year until 30.9)
– “Sifrut Zola” (cheap literature) services – anthologies, exam textbooks and subsidized book lending
– Comfortable loans from the Office of the Dean of Students
– Copies of exams for students who missed classes due to illness
– Opportunities to join Student Union delegations overseas
– Participation in student vacations (funjoya student trip to Eilat)
– Discounted coupons for spas and retreats, double coupons for movies, and more
– Free faxing – send up to 5 pages for free, receive faxes for 1 per page
– Discounts for study-related equipment available at the Student Union service centers
– Equipment for borrowing from the service centers – smartphone and laptop chargers, guitars and dictionaries
– Discounts for shopping at “Dionon”, located near the main gate to the campus