Rights and Obligations

A clear summary of all our obligations and rights as students. It is important to be aware of these for the exam period, and good luck to everyone!

Student Rights:

Sample Quiz
Every lecturer must provide a sample test or example set of questions in the exam format, in order to prepare you for the actual test.

Lecturer Attendance
A teacher or appropriate substitute shall be available to the students for questions for the duration of the examination, including for extension periods granted to students. If the teacher is absent at the time of examination, the students shall be entitled to a special examination on another date, within 30 days after the original date.

Special Examination
The special examination must use the same test as the first and second rounds, unless the student is granted permission to sit the examination during the following semester or the following year (in such cases the student must get updated on the material and structure of the test). In exceptional cases, the student may contact the unit’s teaching committee.

Entitled to a Special Examination (Third Round):
– Students who missed their exam due to military reserve service on the exam day.
– Students who have been called up for military reserve service for a period of 3 days or less, if one of those days coincides with the exam.
– Students who were on active reserve duty for a period of 4-6 consecutive days, and the exam is held within 48 hours after their return from service.
– Students who were on active duty for 7-20 consecutive days, and the exam is held within 7 days after their return from service.
– Students who served for 21 or more days during the semester (whether consecutive or in total), shall be entitled to take all the exams held during the exam period on a separate date at the end of the semester, or soon after.
– Students who submitted an appeal late due to active military reserve service and who didn’t receive a grade until after the date of the second exam round, which they didn’t attend, shall be entitled to sit a third round (if such a round has already been arranged) or in the following exam period.
– Students experiencing pregnancy complications, who gave birth or adopted a child and were therefore absent from the exams, are entitled to a third round for exams for courses taken during the semester in question.
– Students who the teaching committee has decided are entitled to a special examination (third round).
– Students whose grades from the first round are advertised less than a week before the date of the second round.
– Students who lost an immediate relative (parent, sibling, spouse, child) on the day of the examination or during the two weeks prior to the exam.
– Students who were examined under conditions not in accordance with the guidelines regarding lecturer/tutor attendance.
– Students completing two compulsory courses, if the exams are held within 24 hours of each other.
– Students absent from the examination due to illness and have presented medical confirmation of at least 3 days, which was obtained at the same time as the illness, and only when relating to one of the two examination dates set in advance. The number of approvals for a special examination due to illness is limited to twice per semester, for all exam periods (for all departments inclusive – meaning that in an interdepartmental program – a total of twice and not 4 times). In exceptional cases the students may appeal to the unit’s teaching committee.

How do you submit a request for a special examination?
It is important to state that anyone can submit a request, even if the reason for your request is not listed among the guidelines.
Likewise, it is important to say that a special date will be approved only for those who did not attend one of the first two exams (there are no cases in which a special date is granted to a student who approaches both the first and second rounds of that semester).
The application must be submitted to the department’s secretariat with a detailed explanation and the appropriate confirmations. The application will go to the teaching committee for assessment, and is responsible for responding. You are advised to ask the secretariat in how long an answer is expected, but this should take no more than 3 weeks.

Assessment of the Examination
The examiner must briefly state the reason for removing points or publish the answer for the examination.

Examination Scores
Exam scores shall be delivered to the department secretariat within two weeks of the exam. There are courses for which various faculties are permitted to provide exam scores after three weeks. These are exceptional courses that meet criteria determined by the relevant factors at the university (number of students, open exam and so on). If you want to check the policy relating to a specific course, you can contact your department’s secretariat.
For multiple choice exams the scores will be delivered to the department secretariat within one week (except for the Faculty of Life Sciences, in which it may take up to 10 days).
*If the score from the first round is received less than six days before the second round, students are entitled to a special exam (third round) if they have not already applied for the second round.
Grades for papers must be delivered within three weeks of submission, except for longer papers such as seminar papers. For such papers, the grades will be returned within three months of submission.

First and Second Examination Rounds
The examinations must be identical for each round. Both exams are handed together to the secretariat by the lecturer.

Appealing the Examination
All students are entitled to appeal examinations at the department secretariat, provided they had looked at the returned exam before appealing. Students may submit an appeal up to five days from the date of publication of the grade (if the scanned copy is not available within a reasonable period of time, an extension will be granted to the subject).
The time period in which the appeal should be returned with an answer from the lecturer is the same as the period in which the exam scores are returned.

Publication of Examinations
The exam can be viewed through ‘student’s personal information’, and the exams are scanned for free thanks to the Student Union’s campaign two years ago.
In the case of a confidential examination, students who wish to appeal will be able to review both the exam questionnaire and the answers they have marked. The exams will be published under supervision and it will not be possible to copy the exam, to photograph it or to remove it from the exam publishing room.
Each faculty will establish arrangements in connection with the place of study of the examinations and the dates for their examination. The publishing date should be advertised in advance to students.
Students must be notified in advance of the publishing date. Note that only one time may be set.

Students’ Obligations

Examinee Card
Students must have an ID with them when sitting exams. You must bring a student card or other ID (license, ID card). Please note that the Tau Club card, the student card combined with the credit card, can be used for identification purposes, but cannot be left to examiners for the duration of the exam.

Behavior during Examination
All electronic devices must be turned off and out of the reach of the student. A student who is caught holding a cell phone during an examination may be convicted of violating the examination instructions. The accepted penalty for violating the provisions: disqualification of the examination and/or monetary fine and suspension from the university.
Important! If it is proved that there was an intention to use the telephone in order to copy the examination, the student will be convicted of fraud.

Home Examinations/Papers:
For some courses, the students are asked to submit a summary of the course or take a home test. In both cases, the lecturer must deliver grades to the department’s secretariat within three weeks of the date of submission. When assessing papers, the tutor/lecturer must indicate the reason for removing points.
To appeal you can contact the faculty member who assessed the paper or is responsible for the course.

For any questions and further details contact the academic department at acad@student.co.il | 036407648

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