The Student Union is glad to provide you with the option to have full nutritious meals in the university’s cafeterias in discounted prices. In our service centers you can get various coupons for such discounted meals:


KAKAO (Buchmann building, Law Studies):

  • A 5-meal coupon – 125 NIS.
  1. A main vegetarian course + 2 side dishes
  2. Fish sushi roll
  3. Italian salad/ nisuaz salad/ Greek salad
  • A Hummus meal coupon – 20 NIS (instead of 26 NIS).

Including: Your choice of Hummus + pickles + 2 pieces of pita bread +lemonade.


“Seshek” Cafeteria (Naftali building, Social Sciences):

  • A 5-meal coupon – 120 NIS.

Including: Large salad + bread OR a meat course + 2 side dishes.


Elite Coffee Cafeteria (Gilman building, Humanities):

A magnetic card that gives you 10% discount in “Elite” stores, “Elite Coffee” and “Max Brenner”. 

The card can only be purchased in the cafeteria itself!


Ayala Schnitzel (Wolfson building, Engineering):

  • A 5-meal coupon – 135 NIS.

Including: A meat course (chicken breast/ mini schnitzels/ Sautéd food) + 2 hot side dishes + salad + flavored soda pop.


“Daily” Cafeteria (Sackler building, Medicine):

A meat course (chicken breast / schnitzel) + 2 hot side dishes + small salad + cold drink OR a large salad with bread – all in 23 NIS (instead od 30 NIS).


Cafeteria Locations:



Food Type



Café, Dairy products



Café, Dairy products

Exact Sciences


Contains meat


Cup O’ Joe / Sbarro

Italian, Contains meat


Ayala Schnitzel

Contains meat

Social Sciences


Salad bar, home cooking, contains meat

Management, Social Work and Art

Coffee Carts

Sandwiches, coffee and pastries


Catering Center

Under construction – will reopen in the second semester

Mitchell building, Antin square

King Gorge restaurant

Meat and dairy courses



For details and information about our regulated price-list:קפיטריותופינותקפהאמון