Food, Economics & Welfare

Food in Campus


Regulating the cafeteria prices

We keep track on the university’s quality tests, in order to keep improving the food quality and the kitchens’ hygiene.

We also make sure that the products sold in campus are priced according to the university’s regulated price-list, and try to raise the students’ awareness to it.


What is a regulated price-list?

In every cafeteria in campus there is a basic regulated price-list in order to provide the option to have a full nourishing meal or to grab a small bite in a fair price. The regulated price-list includes a variety of food and drinks, pastries and snacks.


Check out the regulated price-list in the union’s website:רשימתקפיטריותומחיריםמפוקחים


A Few Things You Should Know!

  • If a regulated product has run out, the cafeteria is obligated to provide you with a similar product in the same regulated price.
  • Drinks from vending machines in the university are cheaper. According to an agreement with the cafeteria owners, they are obligated to allow you to enter the cafeteria with a drink that was bought outside.
  • If you often eat full meals in the university’s cafeterias, we suggest you check out the discounted cafeteria cards, which you can purchase in our service centers. (Details in the back of this bulletin).


Let’s Do It Together

It’s important that we know about problems you’re having with the cafeterias.

Text-message us about any problem of that kind: 054-6615111

You can also contact us directly: 03-6407656

Or through our application form in the union’s website:קפיטריותקפהאמוןופינותרווחה