Meal Cards for the Cafeterias

How much will lunch set you back today?
Who takes pasta,schnitzel or salad?
The Tel Aviv University Student Union is taking care of all things culinary on campus and is offering you a range of meal cards to be used at various cafeterias.

How does it work?
Come to one of our service centers (Mitchell or Handasa) and pick up our card for meal discounts. Basically, you just pay for a number of meals in advance (most cards are for 5 meals), so that you can get each meal for 2-9 shekels less than the full price!

When it comes to paying for the meal at the cafeteria, just present the card.

Note that the meal cards are valid not only for supervised meals (those with a cheaper set price). Each card is valid for a different cafeteria. Likewise, there is no expiry date for the card (provided of course that the cafeteria is still operating).