Ride your bike to the University? Stop at the beach on the way to class? Jog in the morning? The Student Union offers you showers*!

The showers are open all year long (for the Campus Map click here).
There are two locations to choose from:

At the carpark behind the Shenkar-Physics Building (exact sciences).
• Individual shower cubicles are available in the air-conditioned facility and can be locked for privacy.
• Outside there are bike stands for your convenience;
Behind the Sports Center – (closed until further notice).
• Requires the same key as the Shenkar showers.
• There a separate showers for men and women.
• Closed during the summer break (July-August).
• The entrance is outside the Sports Center, facing the Mexico Building carpark.

How does it work?
You can purchase a shower key for the one-time cost of ₪6.5, available at any Student Union service center (Mitchell, Gilman and Handasa). The key can be used freely for either facility.

It is recommended that you provide your email address when signing up, so that you can receive updates relating to the showers (only).

Note: Keep the facilities clean!
The Student Union works with a partner to maintain and clean the facilities, so if there’s a problem or you have an idea for improving the service you can reach us at 03-6407656 or
*This service is only for paying Student Union members