Social Involvement

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  • Have an idea for a social enterprise? The Social Involvement Department helps students who have the ambition to make their social initiative a reality. In addition, the department conducts leadership and entrepreneurship courses every year. 
  • Jesta” volunteer center – offers a variety of volunteering options for students, adjusted to each student by his abilities, time frame, and interests. The volunteers meet once a month, and enjoy their contribution to society as well as the social encounter with other students from around campus. The department is also in charge of “The Great Volunteering Week”.

For details and joining:

The Social Involvement Department

Mitchell building, room no. 114

  • The Entrepreneurship Center “StarTau”

In “StarTau”, the TAU and the Student Union’s entrepreneurship center, you’ll find entrepreneurial training, a variety of business-oriented courses, consulting and business assistance.

For details and signing up:

The Entrepreneurship Center “StarTau”

Engineering Studies Classroms building, lab no. 007


  • Join the Union

We welcome you to join our increasing number of activists and volunteers. Pick a subject that interests you, and start influencing!הצטרפותלפעילותהאגודה-0