The Student Union is more than proud to announce the opening of your new university center! Come and study with your friends in quiet, equipped private rooms.

The Hamavchena (“test tube”) – the Union’s new university center is located near the printing center (Sifrut Zola) and is intended entirely for us, the students at Tel Aviv University.

So what does Hamavchena have to offer?

• 4 large rooms for studying with friends.
• An open space with 4 computers at your service.
• Lecture Room – During the semester there will be enrichment lectures and lectures on study skills (starting immediately after the test period).
• Mentoring and exercises conducted by the academic department of the Student Union
• Coffee station (Kafe Amon). Just insert NIS 2 and we’ll take care of everything else.

Operating Hours:

From 20/6 until the end of the examination period, the hours of operation are as follows:

Sunday through Thursday: 8:00 AM until midnight

Friday-Saturday: Closed


1. Please note that you can book a study room for up to 3 hours only. Please note that when you exceed the allotted time, you will be required to leave the room.

2. Get the key to the booked room at the reception desk ten minutes before the time you booked for. If the room is not staffed after this period, the customer will forfeit the room, which will be considered vacant until the time of the next booking.

3. Do not exceed the length of the reservation and you should leave the room clean and tidy.

4. If there are too few people in the room where, it will be remain open and the booking cancelled.

5. You can cancel a room reservation at any time, but it is advisable that this be done a reasonable time in advance, in order to allow booking by other students.

We await you at Hamavkhena between Sifrut Zola and HaHug HaTzfoni.

For more information:

* The project should be running within the next few weeks.