The Student Union Service Centers are here for you

We’ve set up tons of services for you, so it would be a shame to miss out them! Cafeteria discount vouchers, chargers, Ministry of Interior service office and more!

The service center staff await you with a range of services to help make your student life easier.
So what do we offer?

Services available to paying members include:
• Discount vouchers for meals at the university cafeterias.
• Shower facility keys.
• Lab equipment: robes, textbooks, glasses.
• Mobile phone chargers you can borrow (iPhone 4 and 5, Galaxy 3 and 4, and Blackberry).
• Universal laptop chargers you can borrow.
• Dictionaries to borrow.
• Fax sending and receiving services – send up to 5 pages for free.
• Birthday kit (6 candles, card, 5 helium balloons and crown) – only ₪25!
• Umbrellas (in winter).
• For Chagim – suitable products (chanukiot and candles for Chanuka, flags for Yom HaAtzmaut, etc.)
Dozens of products are available at the service centers, to make your life easier and basically just cheaper and closer. ‘Sirat HaHatzlacha’ (the success boat) is here for you for those annoying times that you forget to bring what you need here and now.

‘Sirat HaHatzlacha’ Products:
• Deodorants
• First Aid Kits (bandages)
• Feminine hygiene products
• Tissues
• Sanitary hand gel
• Hand cream
• Toothpaste
• Toothbrush
• Mouthwash
• Disposable wipes for cleaning glasses
• Sanitary hand gel
• Lip moisturizer
• AA/AAA batteries
• 3 second glue
• Earplugs
• Wipes – regular/disinfectant/for nail-polish removal
**Products vary according to demand and to student needs – you are welcome to make suggestions so we can add to the range of products in the ‘Sirat HaHatzlacha’. Suggestions can be mailed to
So come check us out!

Where you can find us:
There are two service centers on campus – in the Mitchell Building and at the Handasa committee.

More info:
The Mitchell student center operates Sun-Thu 09:00-17:00 | Contact: 03-6407662,