Public Transportation to Campus

Egged bus lines: 74, 86, 274, 572, and 604

Dan bus lines: 7, 13, 24, 25, 27, 45, and 49

  • “AguDan” service – free transportation from the railway terminal to the university and back, with “Dan” buses.

  • Public transportation discounts – Since the public transportation reform, all the public transportation companies now accept the “Rav-Kav” card and the “Student Pass” (Eged, Dan, Kavim, Metropolin, Nativ Express and Viola). Even so, there may still be some differences between the companies in terms of accepting the different “Rav-Kav” cards.

A student who owns a “Student Pass” (semesterial or annual) is entitled to a 50% discount when purchasing transportation tickets in other areas (excluding the student pass itself).

A student who does not own a “Student Pass”, but will change his “Rav-Kav” profile into a student profile, will receive a 30% or a 33% discount (depends on the type of ticket purchased).

Discounts in “Israel Railways” for “Student Pass” holders (semesterial or annual): a single-ride ticket will receive a 50% discount, and a 12-rides ticket will cost like 6 regular tickets.


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Israel Railways

Student Discounts (requires a student ID):

Students (carrying a student ID) are entitled to 30% and up discounts when purchasing railway tickets:

  • A 12-ride ticket at the cost of 8 regular tickets.

  • A back-and-forth ticket at a 30% discount.


50% discount for “Student Pass” holders (semesterial or annual):

  • A single-ride ticket will receive a 50% discount

  • A 12-rides ticket at the cost of 6 regular tickets.

For more details: check out the Israel Railways website.


How to get from the railway station to campus

The Student Union’s “AguDan” service gives you free rides from the railway station to the bus stations around campus with “Dan” bus lines.

The service requires presenting one of the following: a TAU student ID card, a “Senkar Broshim” program card, “Campus Siim” student ID, or a university employee/doctorant card.


The service applies on the following bus lines: 7, 45, 49 and 289.


The Student Union keeps trying to lower the public transportation prices for students. If you have any suggestions or you wish to join our cause, please contact our Administration and Welfare Department. For more details, suggestions or comments concerning welfare issues (food, economics or public transportation) – you’re welcome to contact us!