A moment after the semester ends and a second before the exams begin, we invite you to a musical celebration at an unforgettable concert !!

In 2007 the Shnekel (2 Shekel coin) was launched, Apple began selling the first iPhones, Shimon Peres was elected ninth president of the State of Israel, and at Tel Aviv University the brass band, made up of several wind and percussion musicians and led by Yaron Carmi, a psychology student and saxophonist, and Uri Reisner, a young conductor, performed for the first time.

Since then, the orchestra has grown and developed, and today some 60 wind and percussion musicians play in it – students from various faculties at the university. Every Thursday evening they leave the libraries, the labs, the classrooms and the research institutes and come to play together in the bomb shelter of the engineering school.

In the past ten years, the orchestra has managed quite a bit: it has played in concerts in front of full halls, participated in the Scientist Night (five times in a row), played at special concerts in Jaffa, Raanana, Jerusalem, Beer Sheva and at concerts for the Spanish and French embassies in Israel, hosted the Oxford University brass band, and even took part in the Israeli film “Intimate Grammar”.

Ensembles from the orchestra perform in ceremonies and at “Etnachta” events on campus.

On Friday afternoon, June 30, 2017, just after the semester ends but before the tests begin, the orchestra will celebrate ten years of music at an unforgettable concert. The concert will be held at the Smolarz Auditorium at the university, and the program (selected by the audience and by the musicians) includes classic works, jazz, Disney and more. The reception starts at 12:00 (including refreshments and beer!), and the concert will begin at 13:00.

Ticket sales on the orchestra’s website: http://www.tauwindband.com/. NIS 30 for students at Tel Aviv University, NIS 40 for guests, seats in the hall are marked, and the hall is accessible for people with disabilities.

More details on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/tauwindband/

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