Student Day 2017!!!

On Thursday, 25/5/17, from 12:00 until late, we’ll celebrate Tel Aviv style – a huge festival full of attractions, and TAU students get it all for free!

Our Student Day, the biggest in the country, will give you over 12 hours of sensory overload: Hatikva 6, Shefita, Monica Sex, Static and Ben-El, Barry Sacharof, A-WA and more…

Entry to the general public is ₪50 for tickets booked in advance: Click Here
*On the day, entry will cost 60

So what have we prepared for you?

3 stages giving you a choice of music, with performances by the big bands, student bands, as well as alternative music, awesome DJs and soothing Arabic song

Central Stage | Central Lawn next to the Management Faculty

12:00: Hatikva 6
13:00: DJ BAGO
15:00: Shefita
16:00: DJ Moran Kariv & DJ Shai Tibi
17:00: Monica Sex
18:00: DJ Roy Asaig
19:30: Static and Ben-El
20:15: DJ Nir Segal
21:30: Barry Sacharof
23:00: A-WA

Second Stage | Behind the Diaspora Museum

12:45: BIGFOOT
14:30: LION’S DEN
15:20: Ze’ev Tene
16:10: Sabir
17:10: Naj Hamadi
18:00: AVEVE
19:00: Rimoch, Jackie and Samson
20:30: HaPussy shel Lucy
21:30: MOOFIE
22:30: OY LI
00:00: DJ Lee Osi

Third Stage | Next to the Senate Building

12:00: Ron Buchnik
13:15: Vacum
14:00: Kitat Omanut
14:45: Inbar Koprak
15:30: Ronen Perry
16:15: Michal Rozin
17:15: YADO

Starting from 19:00 – Soothing Arabic Song

19:00: Recanati ‘Al‘Ali (student band)
19:30: Maysa Daw
20:30: Ghajar
21:30: Toot Ard
23:00: Sheikh Muwannis Dabkeh Group
23:10: DJSaherNaddaf

Campus-Wide Carnival

Film Screening Center | The Faculty for Exact Sciences, Lev Hall

13:00 Batman Versus Superman – USA (2016), 145 minutes

Batman (Ben Afleck) doesn’t believe that Superman (Henry Cavil) has pure intentions. A rivalry soon develops. At the same time, the world is reassessing whether it should trust superheroes or curb them for the good of humanity. And if that’s not enough, the new “Judgement Day” monster created by Lex Luther (Jesse Eisenberg), is threatening its existence. Now everything depends on our two heroes, who must first reconcile their differences, and team up with Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), before the world is destroyed.

15:30 Sausage Party – USA (2016), 89 minutes

An animated film for adults (only!) following the lives of basic food products, who just want to leave the supermarket shelf (or the crowded refrigerator shelf). One resourceful sausage leads a group of her friends on a quest to discover what really happens once they are selected to leave the supermarket for the unknown world outside, and to spread the truth about the cruel and inescapable fate awaiting the products.
Written by Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg.

19:30 Operation Grandma – Israel (1999), 50 minutes

Three Kibbutznik brothers receive news of their Grandma Chaya’s death. Though they are preoccupied with their own lives, the brothers discover that Kibbutz Asisim isn’t going to bury her, and so the officer brother (Rami Hoyberger) manages to postpone an urgent military operation and prioritize their Grandma’s burial. Unfortunately, his two brothers join his mission and everything that can go wrong does go wrong. A wild and recommended comedy.


You are invited to our earphone party, which will light up the main lawn on campus until late! Come celebrate with us – in silence!!!

Champs Élysées in Tel Aviv

Come fashion yourself into a new look at the most diverse shopping strip in town: with shirts, bags, jewelry, shoes, beauty products, and everything you need…

La Frutta stall

Come catch a cold and treat yourself to a range of La Frutta icypoles – they’re like a fruit shake on a stick.

Tel Aviv University Elite Sports Center

Come embrace the summer at the ChillOut venue at the pool between 12:00-17:00, with Chillout and Ambient music in the background, clear water and a cold beer…

We invite you to relax from the hustle and bustle and enjoy our lounging venue, our alternative treatment tent and free entry to the gym and pools.
*Present your student card to enter

**** Entrance to this event is for persons aged over 16 years, with an I.D. card

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