Legal Counseling

General Legal Counseling

Attorney Ran Shuval consults regarding a variety of legal issues that students face, including issues related to the workplace (employment contracts, workers’ rights, compensation, dismissal, etc.), personal status, and rental contracts. The legal counsel includes assistance in preparing litigations and individual guidance.

To arrange an appointment, call the Student Union office at 036407654, between Sundays and Thursdays, 09:00-17:00.

Please note that legal or financial counseling is available only to paying members.


Student Advocacy

2 Bachelor of Law students represent students facing the university’s disciplinary court. The student advocates provide advice regarding various issues relating to conflicts between students and university bodies.

To arrange an appointment, call the Student Union office at 036407654, between Sundays and Thursdays, 09:00-17:00, or contact us via email:

Union Auditor

Attorney Guy Hadar serves as the Student Union auditor. His task includes examining complaints by Union members against an authority of Union official, in all areas regarding the fair conduct and efficiency of the authority inspected. He also acts as commissioner of public inquiries.
In addition, Attorney Hadar audits the joint activities of the Student Union and its sub-organizations – he is a member of the Union’s audit committee and of the committee for elections (held each year in December).

To arrange an appointment, call 036407658 or email

Financial Counselling with an Accountant

Student Union members can consult with accountant Elad Chai, for any problem related to financial issues or questions on these issues. The most common issues faced by students include assistance with tax returns for salaried workers, tax counseling for the self-employed, advice on financial issues arising from labor laws, general economic advice, etc.

In order to receive assistance with tax refunds for salaried employees for the past 6 years, the following certificates must be obtained for the student and his/her spouse (in the case of marriage):
1. Forms 106 from all employers. If you receive severance pay you must also bring Form 161 from your employer.
2. Annual authorizations from the National Insurance Institute: unemployment benefits, maternity allowance, reserve duty, injury compensation, etc.
3. Annual approvals from insurance companies and provident funds.
4. Confirmation from the bank of interest from deposits and revenues from the stock market (Form 867/A).

Please make an appointment in advance via email:

*Please Note: The legal department only provides counseling services to students at Tel Aviv University, and only within the State of Israel.